Online Security

Account Security Questions

Keeping Your Security Questions Secure

Keep all these things in mind when signing up for accounts and filling out security questions.

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Child on Computer

Five Ways to Protect Your Child Online

As parents, our job is to protect our children in every way possible. Here are five ways that you can protect your child online so that internet use can be a joy and not a burden to you and your family.

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Cyber Criminals

Cyber Extortion: How Hackers Use Stolen Data to Blackmail You

Cyber extortion, like blackmail, is often used to obtain money, property, or information from someone against their will. Here are a few tips that can help keep you from falling victim to a cyber extortionist.

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Free Wifi Security

Public Wi-Fi Security: How To Stay Secure While Using Free Wireless

Here are a few steps that you can take to protect your computer and information while using a public Wi-Fi connection.

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Internet Safety

Protecting Your Family From The Dark Parts Of The Internet

Various criminal and illegal activity, morally and ethically reprehensible content, and other negative factors can easily be accessed on the Internet, both intentionally and accidentally.

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Password Protection

Choosing a Good Password and Keeping it Safe

Here are some steps to take when deciding on a new password to make sure it’s as secure as possible.

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Web Bots

Attack of the Bots: Protecting Your Computer from Non-Human Attacks

Hackers want to get into your computer so that they can use or sell your data, or just for the fun of it, and they have automated programs that do it for them.

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Internet Hoaxes

Spotting Fakes, Hoaxes, and Parodies on the Internet

There are many fake Websites and hoaxes out there. There are also a few excellent resources for checking them out.

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Dangers Online

Securing Your Computer System

All of us who use a PC online should know of the dangers, and here we will list some basic techniques you can use to help protect yourself.

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Secure Your eBusiness

Make Your E-Business Inaccessible To Hackers

Computer hackers have been a problem for businesses and governments since the beginning of the computer age. Take a few steps to help protect your business from hackers.

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