Computer Security

Computer Security Specialist

The Rising Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals Worldwide

The year 2016 has set out to be quite promising for the cyber-security market. According to recent reports, the burgeoning industry is going to see about 1-million job openings this year.

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Tech Support Scam Calls

Scam Watch: This Is Tech Support Calling

It’s been almost 2 years since I first heard about the Microsoft Tech Support call scams, but it looks like they are still alive and well and trying to get into our computers.

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Financial Cyber Theft

How Cyber-Criminals Go After Your Financial Data

The impact of financial data stolen from individuals can be measured in the billions of dollars every year, and the trend just keeps growing. How can you protect yourself?

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Updating Windows Security

Why it’s Important to Update Windows Security

Windows operating systems have a giant target on them, attracting hackers and malware makers who love to exploit system vulnerabilities. Make sure that your personal computer doesn’t have a large target on it by keeping it updated with the latest Windows security updates.

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